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Barbara Dixon, Senior Consultant and President of Diversity ERAA Training

Barbara is recognized internationally as one of Canada’s top diversity trainers and innovative leaders in immigrant integration programming. She has delivered workshops and keynote presentations to over 23,000 participants within 108 organizations across Canada and internationally

A seasoned professional, Barbara is the author of fourteen publications on diversity management and immigrant integration.  She has travelled to 27 countries and has worked in Nigeria, India, China, the Philippines and the UK.

Barbara has provided workshops and consultation services to a variety of industries and professions including: Academia, Aerospace, Business Management, Construction Trades, Engineers, Financial Management, Government, Healthcare, Hospitality and Tourism, Human Resources, Information Technology, Legal and Judicial, Social Services and Unions.

Described by clients and peers as an, “engaging and insightful” trainer who “communicates solutions, pathways and wisdom clearly to all,” Barbara’s accomplishments include:

  • Envisioning and creating Canada’s first diversity and immigrant student support department in a post-secondary institution
  • Initiating and implementing the first Certificate program in Canada to train certified intercultural trainers,
  • Establishing the first Centre for Immigrant and International Students at a Canadian college
  • Starting the first mentor program for immigrants in Canada.
  • Designing the curriculum for the Colleges and Institutes Canada’s Canadian Immigrant Integration Program (CIIP), which prepares newcomers for economic and cultural integration while still in their country of origin.
  • Developing the pre-departure orientation sessions, action plan content and profession’s bank for Federal Skilled Workers and Manitoba, Saskatchewan and East Coast Provincial Nominees.
  • Developing and delivering bridging programs for internationally trained nurses, IT professionals and engineers.
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