Canada and the Canadian Academic Environment Orientation

You have been accepted into a Canadian university or college.  It is exciting!  When you arrive at your university or college, more than likely you will be invited to participate in an orientation session.  Typically, this will cover such topics as immigration regulations, health care and insurance, banking and credit cards, academic success, students’ rights and responsibilities, cross-cultural adaptation and a campus tour.

Have you thought about the differences between education in your home country and Canada?  In some cultures, education is taught through rote learning – memorization.  In some cultures, the teachers are the experts and you are expected to show respect, listen, take notes and never challenge.  In some cultures, plagiarism, copying the works of others is normal.  In Canada, the education system can be quite different.

Many international students come to study with high expectations.  Very soon, many are feeling discouraged, are being failed for improper academic behavior, are feeling lonely and depressed, are homesick and do not want to shame their families who have spent so much on their education.

Consider attending the Canada and the Canadian Academic Environment Orientation.  It is available on a one-to-one basis or can be delivered in small groups.

The Orientation will give you valuable information about how to be successful in a Canadian university or college.   You will learn about the cultural differences in educational systems and teaching methods and strategies for being successful.  You will learn about appropriate student-teacher interactions, class participation, how to make presentations, how to work in groups, how to study, how to avoid conflict with your peers, how to understand Canadian expressions and how to avoid what Canadians believe is cheating.

Your parents and family have invested in you.  Now is the time to ensure you succeed.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking everything is the same!  Attend the Canada and Canadian Academic Environment Orientation your first steps in becoming a graduate of a Canadian university or college.

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