International Student Concierge

Coming to a new country, a new culture and a new academic environment is exciting but can be scary for international students and their parents.  When you have children coming to Canada to further their education, hiring an International Student Concierge gives you the comfort of knowing that there is someone able to help them should they require it.

An International Student Concierge is like hiring a personal assistant for your son or daughter, someone who can simplify the uncertainties and complexities involved with coming to Canada and studying in a Canadian university or college.  This is an in-person, telephone, email, text or Skype service for students coming to Winnipeg, Manitoba and an online and telephone service for those studying in other Canadian provinces.  In the case of an emergency out of province, the International Student Concierge can arrange to travel to the student’s province to provide in-person assistance.

On-line services are also available to parents and students pre-arrival to Canada to answer questions and concerns they may have about living and studying in a Canadian post-secondary institution.

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