Consultation Services

Company Cultural Concierge

Are you having difficulties with your new internationally trained workers “fitting in”?

Are you dealing with communication barriers?

Are your managers able to effectively lead and motivate a diverse workforce?

A Company Cultural Concierge is your answer!  Being an on-call assistant to executives, managers, supervisors and co-workers, the Company Cultural Concierge is available to help you deal with challenges, answer your questions and develop strategies to manage, supervise and work effectively with internationally trained workers.

The Company Cultural Concierge will help reduce stress, increase retention, enable employers to leverage the talents of its internationally trained workers and enhance employers to meet business objectives.

Settlement and Workplace Integration Concierge for “Express Entry” Immigrants and Temporary Foreign Workers

As of January 2015, Citizenship and Immigration Canada launched the Express Entry system, where qualified skilled immigrants will be invited to come to Canada as permanent residents. Canadian Employers can hire Express Entry candidates to meet labour needs. Later in 2015, Job Bank will introduce a matching function to connect eligible employers with Express Entry candidates.

Employers will not only be key players in the immigration system, they will now need to become key players in the settlement and integration of their new express entry employees.

Immigrants face their greatest challenges integrating into Canadian life in their first five years, with the recognized period of settlement and integration lasting up to 10 years. Settlement and integration of immigrants is a broad and complex process that may take many different forms depending on individual needs and experience.

Think of it as a continuum where your new express entry employees will require support throughout the process.

Employees may need help with things like:

  • Finding adequate and affordable housing
  • Obtaining a provincial health insurance card
  • Acquiring a social insurance number
  • Finding healthcare professionals
  • Finding where to buy familiar food and household items
  • Learning how to navigate the city and use public transportation
  • Obtaining a credit card or bank account
  • Affordable and accessible after school programs
  • Learning about the values of a new country and new workplace
  • Access to community services and social participation in the community

Greater and more direct employer involvement in settlements and integration through the “express entry” program calls for new approaches in the immigration integration continuum and strategies to support the capacities of employers to engage.

The Settlement and Workplace Integration Concierge will help you support your express entry and temporary foreign workers settle, adjust and integrate into your workplace and your community.

Acting as your settlement and integration adviser, the Settlement and Workplace Concierge is there to assist your new employees with their settlement and integration needs.

In-person, via Skype, through texts and emails, your Settlement and Workplace Integration Concierge will guide your express entry and temporary foreign workers to successful integration into your workplace and community.

Think of it as having a personal settlement and integration assistant who can provide information and guidance, answer questions, make referrals and provide targeted support.

Hiring a Settlement and Workplace Integration Concierge will help express entry immigrants navigate the complex tasks of settling and integrating into Canadian society.

The Settlement and Workplace Integration will break down cultural, language and work experience barriers for internationally trained workers, enabling employers to leverage the talents of its employees and maximize business objectives.

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