Cultural Competence Workshops

Diversity ERAA Training helps your organization capitalize on diversity by offering customized diversity training for all levels of your company: senior executives, managers, employees, newcomers and temporary foreign workers.

Our workshops enhance participants’ awareness, knowledge, skills and competencies to effectively deal with cultural differences and intercultural communication challenges in your organization or profession.

Diversity ERAA Training offers several workshop options designed to meet your organization’s needs, including:

Staff Training Session(s)-  One-time or ongoing customized workshops for your staff, delivered by our expert consultants.

Train the-Trainer Session(s)-   Diversity ERAA Training will custom design workshops for your staff and train and support  in-house to successfully deliver the training.


All Cultural Competence Workshops deliver practical solutions and develop relevant skills to help employees and managers understand and benefit from diversity, develop cultural competency skills and embrace an inclusive workplace.

Past Sample Topics:

  • Building Cultural Competence for Supervisors
  • Communicating Effectively Across Cultures
  • Diversity and Inclusive Leadership
  • Diversity and Intercultural Competence
  • Managing for Inclusion
  • Practical Strategies for Teaching a Diverse Student Body
  • Working Successfully in a Culturally Diverse Workplace

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